LED TV Repairing Course in Delhi

Almost every home today has at least one LED TV in it. It provides entertainment and information but being a modern essential, it can break down at any time, which means extra money spent on repairs. But what people don't realize is that LED TVs are not very sensitive when it comes to repairs. Any middle-school student with a screwdriver can repair them or, even better- an experienced technician.

LED TV repairing course Learn all about troubleshooting & repairing LED TVs. We offer a practical and hands-on approach to repairing LED TVs, explaining why things go wrong, how to fix them, as well as preventive maintenance that will help you avoid future problems. This course will teach you the basics of repairing a TV that uses LED backlighting. This can be an entry-level job for someone with electrical knowledge or a part-time job to help supplement your income. Many people have replaced this type of lighting in their homes, and it can be a great way to learn about the electronics behind TVs before diving into things like TVs with plasma or LCD screens. By learning how to replace an LED light in a TV, you're probably already ready to begin working in electronics repair.

No matter which type of Television you bring to your home, it has become a vital home appliance that fulfills our entertainment needs beyond expectations. Have you noticed that it brought an incredible career opportunity for our generations? Here at Nexcuit Training Institute, we pride ourselves on offering LED TV repairing courses in Delhi at an affordable price. Our main motive is to help our students become successful LED TV repairing technicians and provide a 100% job guarantee with an instant training certificate. Whether you are a graduate or high school student, you have a great opportunity to develop new skills with our highly educated trainer. Our skilled and experienced trainer will create a roadmap to ensure your success through a specially designed led LCD smart tv repairing course in Delhi.

Silent features of our LED TV repairing course in Delhi:

  • Well-equipped practical lab with modern equipment & tools and the latest technology.
  • Job-oriented designed LED TV repairing course program.
  • We run small batches to focus on every student.
  • Hand-on training experience on live projects.
  • Demo class facility to understand the curriculum of our LED TV repairing course in Delhi.
  • Experienced and friendly trainer who has been served the industry for decades.
  • Affordable fee.

Let check out our curriculum of LED TV repairing course in Delhi:

  • In the initial phase, students introduce LED/LCD /CRT TV.
  • Educate on how Led/Lcd TV function.
  • Identify Electronics components.
  • How to distinguish between Led and LCD tv.
  • What is a multi-meter and how to use.
  • Our professional trainer educate students on how to use of Hot Gun Machine (SMD) and Soldering Iron Machine.
  • How to remove and fix faulty components from Board?
  • How to Led/Lcd TV hot and cool testing will be performed?
  • How to replace all jack, port, socket, and connector types?
  • How to check faulty electronics components quickly and efficiently?
  • Understand entire repairing scenario through block diagram of Led/Lcd TV and smart TV.
  • Knowledge of Led and Lcd TV power circuit board details.
  • LED or LCD TV assembling & disassembling in an easy language.
  • How to perform main board testing of TV.
  • Get Power supply circuit testing & repairing solutions during your hands-on training.
  • What is T-con board testing?
  • LCD and LED TV all voltage tracing with 100% practical approach.
  • LED/LCD TV screen testing and repair during your TV repairing course in Delhi.
  • Short out TV Invertor and power circuit board problems.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Led repairing tools details.
  • Bios update & flash with bios programmer.
  • Complete LED TV remote function details.
  • How to check the logic card?
  • Get expert tips on shortcuts and quick repairing.
  • Repairing concept of all types of TV with & without power supply Get electronics components details under one roof including Resistor, capacitor, diode, MOSFET, transistor, coil, ic/chip, crystal, jumper, fuse, thermistor, Ic/chip, Priset, switch, speaker, etc.


  • Get Tips on How to diagnose and repair blacklight problems efficiently?
  • Get LED/LCD panel repair and testing tips.
  • Get step by step solution of Led/Lcd tv Dead problem.
  • Short out No sound problem under the experts' guidance .
  • How to get a Video fluctuation error solution.
  • Vertical line problem solution of screen.
  • Horizontal line problems solution of all types of LCD and LED.
  • No video and audio issue.
  • Students will learn how to repair all types of damage board of LCD and LED?
  • Get expert’s guidance on how to use and fix the issue of universal board.
  • Step by step solution on blacklight failure issue on the screen.
  • Tv repair with the jumper on board.
  • How to deal with the color issue of screen.
  • HDMI port testing and checking its faults repairing.
  • Checking USB port testing and repairing solutions.
  • How to diagnose audio jack and short out error.
  • Step-by-step video in and video out port testing and faults repairing.
  • Checking voltage testing issue onboard like 12v, 5, 3.3v 2.5v, 1.2volts.
  • How to deal with auto power-off problems of TV.

Learn different scenarios such as:

  • When you find audio ok but no video on screen.
  • COF related problems and repairing solutions.
  • White screen problem and repairing.
  • LED/LCD repair with schematics diagrams.
  • LED/LCD Tv repair with the jumper on board.
LED TV Repair courses a complete guide to repairing LED TVs

Our LED,LCD smart TV repairing course in Delhi will help you understand and repair basic issues on LED TV. You can learn the characteristics and functions of the main parts of an LED TV. There are so many electronics brands around us, and it is hard to analyze which one is better. You may be able to buy a machine easily, and then they are not easy to fix when problems occur, or even you cannot fix them at all. Our LED LCD smart TV repairing course in Delhi would give you insight into how an LED works and how to repair it if it fails. The course is designed for students who want to learn basic and advanced concepts of an LED TV.

Our LED TV repairing training institute in Delhi offers a course program based on the technical knowledge of LED TV Installation, Repairing, and Fault Finding Course. The training program is composed of different modules containing information to help students learn the essential tools, techniques, and concepts needed to repair LED TVs. Our LED TV repairing Course includes a brief review of digital fundamentals. We ensure that our study material is built in a way that helps students develop an understanding of how televisions work and helps them to identify common sources of faults.

If you truly are interested in becoming a professional RF repairman, why not join the best-LED TV repairing institute in Delhi to get started. At Nexcuit Training Institute, our LED TV repairing institute in Delhi, to fulfill your dream and ensure that they can get quality learning. We are a team of expert and professional technicians who will provide you with the best training and services. Join our LED TV repairing institute in Delhi today. LED TV repairing institute in Delhi conducts a session at regular intervals to keep the students up to date with the latest technology.

Certified experts at the LED TV repairing institute in Delhi will help you achieve your goals in a short time and with less investment. We start with your basic knowledge of television repairing, and later you can earn better returns while saving your precious money. We are a reputed TV repairing institute in Delhi that offers quality training in all the latest technology-related fields. Many institutes teach you the repairing of LED TV. But we have special faculty to teach you the repairing and refurbishing of LED TV. LED TV repairing institute in Delhi offers the best technical training in Delhi if you want to become a television repairer. With a curriculum designed by industry experts, this is one of the most advanced training schools in all of India. Our training center has the latest equipment to teach you how to repair today's modern technology and build your career as an independent television repairer. At LED TV repairing institute in Delhi, we aim to make you a professional. Our experts cover all possible aspects of the training period, using modern equipment that has recently been designed per the new standards.

LED TV Repairing Course Duration
LED TV Repair Course Fee and Durartion
Course Tittle Timming Duration Course Mode
Regular Course 2 Hour 60 Days Online or Offline
Crash Course 4 Hour 30 Days Online or Offline
Fasttrack Course Full Day 7-10 Days Online or Offline
Weekends Batch 4 Hour 7 Weekends Online or Offline
Frequently Asked Questions For LED TV Repairing

+ Who can join the LED TV repairing course in Delhi?

Whether you are a job seeker, working person, or fresher, anyone can join our LED repairing course in Delhi to become a successful LED tv repairing technician. For more details, visit our website.

+ Why should you join the LED LCD smart TV repairing course in Delhi?

With 100% practical and expert guidance, you have a great opportunity to work on live projects to become an expert LED/LCD repairing technician to secure your future.

+Do you provide job opportunities after completing my course?

Yes, we offer 100% job assistance to all our students. They no need to wander anywhere to search for jobs.

+ Why LED TV repairing course is in huge demand?

Technology comes and goes, but entertainment products never let you stop entertaining in your life. Learning LED TV repairing is a perfect way to secure your future, and you can earn a good amount every day.

+Why should I join Nexcuit training institute for LED LCD smart TV repairing course in Delhi?

We offer a selected syllabus and study material that will help you learn LED repairing from start to finish under the guidance of an expert trainer. Our trainer allows you to work on live projects to gain hands-on experience.

+Why should I join Nexcuit training institute in Delhi rather than other institutes?

Our main purpose is not making money; we want to encourage our students to polish their skills in the competitive world. They can keep one step forward than others. Our expert trainer, well-equipped labs, and 100% job placement makes our institute stands out from the crowd.

+ Can I know the course duration?

Our course duration is 2 months, covering all topics to accomplish your goal.

+May I expect a demo class before joining your training program?

Of course, we provide.

+ May I know your LED TV repairing course fee?

We ensure all candidates that our course fee is affordable. It is highly recommended to contact us to get detailed information.

+Can I repair modern technology-based LED TV after completing your course?

Of course, we update our LED TV repairing course from time to time to meet the industry expectations.

+How much can I earn after completing the LED TV training institute course in Delhi?

It depends on your hardworking, but we ensure you will earn well to survive in the competitive world.

+Why should I Join the LED TV repairing course rather than the ITI course?

LED TV course duration is only 2 months, enabling you to earn a good amount daily, and you don't need a specific academy record. Anyone can join our course at a reasonable fee.


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