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Looking for the “Plumber Service near me”? Call us now @+91-9560656920, our service is the best, backed up by industry experts.

Whether it’s home or an office, you always need a plumbing service at one point of time. And that’s when we enter. We are intact with exceptional services and experienced technicians who are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to serve our customers. We take pride to convey that for the last many years, our team of experts is working really hard to fulfill our prolonged dream to serve our customers promptly with 100% satisfaction. We always make sure that our services won’t make a strain on your pocket, for that we have kept our prices very low. So now you don’t have to hunt for cheap plumbers near me anymore. Also, we suggest our customers to never leave even the smallest plumbing problem unattended as for that time it may seem very small, but it can cause big damages to the entire system.

So, it’s a time for you to well-versed with our services we provide, so that in the future if you need & look for the best plumbers near me or plumbing repair near me, you can recall our name. Our services:

  • Inspecting and fixing issues in Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
  • Cleaning or replacement of fans or magnetrons.
  • Replacements of capacitors, high voltage fuses, monitor fuses, turntable motor or brushes, bulbs, or faulty wiring.
  • Changing of door switches

Apart from them, there are many other problems we fix when it comes to microwave repair. If you’re thinking that what are the ideal moments when you can call us, we are listing a few of them below, you can go through them:

  • 1. Faucets repairing: Leakage from the faucets is one of the common problems you face. Whether it’s a bathroom fixture, kitchen tap, or a basement connection, leakage of faucets cannot be ignored. But if ignored can contribute to high water bills. Degraded seals, corroded parts, or build-up valve seating in or around the tap can be a part of its causes. But you don’t have to worry about it, our technicians have hands-on experience in fixing these faucets problems whether it’s a minor one or major.

  • 2. Drain cleaning: You may have noticed that the water from the drains sinking out very slowly or the drains making strange gurgling sounds. If yes, then this could be a sign that there are chronic drainage problems at your place and you need to correct them immediately. If neglected even after noticing these hints can lead to even bigger problems such as collecting dirty and smelly waters in your areas, which could be really hazardous for your health. To come out of this unfavorable situation you can call us anytime.

  • 3. Fixing sewer lines: Broken sewer line is a very serious issue. It can give you major trouble. You will get to experience bad smells, cranky noises, patches on the grounds, dirty collected water on the area, and so on. This can prove to be really hazardous for your health. So if you find any of the signs mentioned above, you should start looking for an emergency plumber near me and you will find us. Once we receive your call, our team of skilled technicians will visit your home and diagnose the actual situation. They will discuss things with you and then will start with the procedure.

  • 4. Fixture Plumbing: Fixtures such as faucets. Tubs, showers, toilet seats, or sinks are a few of the things which are used daily. When any issue occurs, it requires an immediate solution to it. Whether it needs a repair or replacement, our team will suggest you the best in this case. We aim to provide pocket-friendly service, so we always try that you always have to spend less amount of your money over these things.

If your issue is not listed here and you really need them, then just call us @+91-9560656920. There are many other services which we are rendering. We can discuss this over the call.

Also, we are never satisfied until you are. So you never have to worry about the quality when you are with us. We always focus to provide high-quality services in order to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

+How do I place Plumber Service from Nexcuit Home Appliances?

You can book plumber services online from our Website ( Home appliances Services Company. Alternately you can dial our customer care number 9560656920

+How do I pay for my plumber services?

You can pay us using any online mode option. We accept all Major Debit, Credit Card & Net Banking. You can use Cash on Delivery (COD) option at the time of service delivery.

+How do I check the current status of my Plumber Services?

If you want to check current status of plumber services then you can visit our site. And in order option you can see the current status of your plumber services.

+What are the minimum visiting charges?

Minimum visiting charges for plumber services will be 500. In this cost technician will diagnose the problem and will recommend the resolution.

+How do I cancel or reschedule my plumber services?

If you want to cancel the plumber service order or want to reschedule it then you can visit our site and from there you can cancel or reschedule your order. Or you can also contact us on customer care service 9560656920

+Do you offer warranty on your work?

Yes, we provide 30 days warranty on our plumber services.


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