PCB Repair courses a complete guide to repairing Printed Circuit Boards

Looking for a course on AC PCB boards near me? If you're looking to find out more about the world of PCB repair, our course is designed for you. The Foundation course shows the basics of what is involved in repairing a board and covers many details that would help with troubleshooting or with building your success. The Advanced Course takes a deeper look at some specific components, skills, and tools that help develop and troubleshoot boards in real-world applications.

AC PCB repairing course is emerging as one of the most challenging and lucrative career options available today. Become a part of it by enrolling yourself into an intensive 2- month program where you'll be learning everything that you need to know about PCB Repairing. Are you interested in joining an institute that offers the best training for PCBs repair? At NEXCUIT TRAINING INSTITUTE, we provide teaching and learning activities that are practically based on preparing students for today's real-time scenarios. We provide a pleasant and stimulating environment where the students develop their learning skills.

You will learn how to repair the most difficult PCB and PCBA problems without removing parts from components, remove broken or sheared off solder pads, repair or remove damaged traces, remove stuck-on flux residue, repair cracks, solder bridges, correct BGA rework errors, separate solder shorts, and more!

AC PCB Repairing Course in Delhi is designed to provide you with a great understanding of basic electronics and locate and analyze faults in various PCB boards, components used in PCB boards, and basic electronic equipment. AC PCB repair course teaches students PTH and SMT circuit board repairing by hand on older machines. This course is aimed at PCB repairing enthusiasts with basic soldering skills but lack some knowledge about more complex repairing processes. Join this course to learn all about PCB repair training and what you will learn. Get insights on simple board repair, troubleshooting, and successful organizational work practices that are guaranteed to improve your job prospects and income!

In this PCB repairing course, you'll get all the basic knowledge to start repairing printed circuit boards yourself. You will learn how to read schematics and PCB drawings, how to measure voltage and current, use the right components and tools, solder an SMD component and fix overheating thermals on various types of SMD chips. This course covers all aspects of printed circuit board (PCB) repair, including inspection and analysis techniques, service techniques, and troubleshooting techniques. Our course is suitable for those who are professionally engaged in PCB repair. However, technicians without a training background in electronics will also benefit because the course presents the introductory concepts of electronic technology while introducing the common modes of failure found in component failures and PCB failures.

Our institute is oriented at bringing into being professional engineers specialized in PCB repairing. We also assist organizations of all levels to gain knowledge on the latest techniques and developments, which enable them to bring their PCB repairing expertise at par with global standards. Join AC PCB Repairing Course in Delhi, train professional teachers, and enjoy a bright career in this industry. Our AC PCB Repairing institute in Delhi offers the best training to all the students who wish to become fully equipped and efficient technicians in this field. We make sure that our students are fully prepared by giving them the knowledge and skills to make it in this cut-throat business. Here at NEXCUIT TRAINING INSTITUTE, our PCB repairing institute in Delhi has become the hub for deep knowledge of PCB repair. That is why our PCB Repairing institute in Delhi is getting the best industrial exposure to provide you with cutting-edge PCB repairing courses.

AC PCB Repair course covers:

  • Get the introduction of HVAC system
  • Functionality of different HVAC system components, including AC drives, DOL starter, VFDs, Censors, thermocouple, etc
  • Grab the best opportunity working on Window AC, Centralized AC
  • Wiring and terminals
  • Get the knowledge of different compressors, condensers, and evaporators
  • Vapor absorption system
  • Basic knowledge of pumps, humidors & dehumidifiers, AHUs, PCBs, Air washers, cooling towers, etc.

Why should you join NEXCUIT TRAINING INSTITUTE for AC PCB repairing course?

  • Lucrative source of income
  • Huge demand in the competitive industry
  • Two-month course Duration
  • After completing the course, all students get their certificate and 100% job guarantee
  • 100% practical approach rather than theory.
  • Works on live project
  • All classes are run by expert faculty with years of experience and take an easy learning process related to the PCB repair course.
  • Our lab is equipped with the latest technology, tools, and equipment.
  • Well-prepared learning environment
  • Hand-to-hand clear your doubt
  • Especially designed course syllabus that easier learning process
  • Affordable fee structure that will not break the bank
  • Free Demo class facility before joining our Course
  • Transparent fee structure and policies
  • One-stop solution for PCB repair

PCB Repairing Course Duration

PCB Repair Course Fee and Durartion
Course Tittle Timming Duration Course Mode
Regular Course 2 Hour 60 Days Online or Offline
Crash Course 4 Hour 30 Days Online or Offline
Fasttrack Course Full Day 7-10 Days Online or Offline
Weekends Batch 4 Hour 7 Weekends Online or Offline

Frequently Asked Questions For PCB Repairing

+ What do you mean by the AC PCB repair course in Delhi?

You'll learn how to test power supplies, troubleshoot analog circuits, locate faults using a multimeter, desolder and replace components, handle ESD sensitive parts, and perform basic rework and soldering skills, plus much more.

+ Who can join the PCB repairing course in Delhi?

This course is designed for anyone who wants to do a simple repair of inverter PCB boards and Power supply PCBs. We'll learn operation principles, theory & technique of AC PCB drills, as well as solder-repair tools & processes.

+Am I a technician? Can I join the AC PCB repairing course?

If you are a technician who wishes to enhance your knowledge and skills for the PCB repair market and who wants to take your career to the next level, this course-based seminar is for you!

+May I know the duration of the PCB repair course in Delhi?

We offer a two-month course.

+What is the advantage of joining the AC PCB repairing course in Delhi?

This PCB repair course offers benefits at every stage of your future as a PCB designer. You'll learn to effectively analyze and repair faulty circuits, furthering your knowledge as a potential service technician or lead worker in an electronics company.

+Why should I join your PCB Repair institute in Delhi?

A carefully designed PCB course, with plenty of hands-on practical training and theory, offers you the best opportunity to succeed in a career in PCB repair.

+May I know about the trainer and how are they selected?

We feel proud to be equipped with expert trainers who have years of experience in this industry and have sound knowledge of their domain and will assist you in completing your live project.

+Where can I join the AC PCB board repair course near me?

Here at NEXCUIT HOME APPLIANCES, we feel proud to be a one-stop solution for joining the PCB board repair course. All candidates have a great opportunity to work on a live project with a 100% practical approach.

+ May I expect a join guarantee after completing this course?

Of course, we offer a 100% job guarantee to all our aspiring students.

+May I expect a PCB repair certificate after completing the course?

Of course, after completing your course, you will get a hand-to-hand certificate with 100% job opportunity.


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