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Are you looking for a laptop repairing course in Delhi? Do you want in-depth knowledge for chip level repairing courses in Delhi?

Laptop repairing is an in-demand course. Earlier, it was rare to see laptops in the households of middle-class Indians but nowadays, it has become a part and parcel of our lives. Laptops are expensive but are an important part of our lives. Therefore, when a laptop breaks down or doesn’t work properly, then the only option left is to repair your laptop or desktop.

The number of laptop users in India is increasing. As the use of the laptop will increase, the demand for laptop repairing will also increase.

Many students are interested in fields like laptop repairing, mobile repairing, etc. If you are also a person who has a keen interest in knowing about the technicalities of laptops, and desktops. Then, joining this course is the best decision for you. You will get all the required knowledge from basic to advanced that will help you to develop skills.

Every student is allowed to work on live projects. The practical and theoretical knowledge provided helps in finding the faults and repairing or repairing them. It is a great way to learn about the mechanics and working of laptops and desktops.

Everything is covered in detail. You will get in-depth knowledge on the motherboard of computers and laptops, its working, types of resistors and its working, Diodes, transistors, Mosfet, IC chips, thermistor, crystal, Inductor, BIOS programmer, and much more things.

You can check the modules of the course to know about the in-depth syllabus of your course. This knowledge is provided at an affordable fee. It is an investment because you will easily be able to earn money by applying all the skills that you will learn in this course.

No technical background is needed to learn these technical things. Another fascinating thing is that there is no age bar to opt for this course. The only thing you need is your interest. No matter in which class you are, what age you are, you can join this course.

Some people decide to opt for this after the 10th or 12th standard and can easily earn what graduate students earn.

Live practical on various models, and brands, a training course with 100% practical knowledge is all you need to get a job or open a laptop repairing business.

The study material provided also helps students in making learning fast and easy. If you also want to become an expert laptop technician, then you should join our laptop repairing training institute in Delhi.

Students who have learned from Nexcuit training institute have successfully learned the skill of laptop repairing. They are now successfully working, and earning a handsome amount of money.

The overall package provided by the students helps students in developing a successful career in laptop and desktop repairing.

A laptop training course is all about theoretical knowledge, practical, and practice. In practice, you get the opportunity to implement the various things you have learned in theory. Working on various models, and brands helps you in understanding the faults and diagnosing them. To do your work efficiently, it’s important to keep practicing.

In this modern age, a lot of new features are added to appliances like laptops and desktops. If you want to repair these modern laptops, then it’s essential to have good knowledge of internal parts and their working.

The course is designed in such a way that each student can easily learn different concepts and understand the working of laptops. The course covers every aspect that can be the reason for faults in laptops.

Features of Laptop training institute in Delhi

  • Course is job-oriented. All the practical knowledge is provided. Hence, students who are interested in repairing will love to study and will not feel bored.
  • Classes run on time. Each batch has limited students. It ensures that teachers can focus on the individual student.
  • Live demo classes are given that help students in understanding the course curriculum.
  • The fee is also affordable.
  • We also conduct sessions to keep the students up to date with the latest technologies.

Laptop faults and its solution

  • The laptop doesn’t turn on.
  • It doesn’t charge.
  • Running slow.
  • Frequent shutdowns.
  • The screen goes blank.
  • Dead motherboard.
  • USB not working.
  • Hard disc not working.
  • Sound faults.
  • The laptop makes unusual noise while running.
  • The keys of the keyboard do not work properly.

Laptop Repairing Course Duration

Laptop Repair Course Fee and Durartion
Course Tittle Timming Duration Course Mode
Regular Course 1 Hour 60 Days Offline
weekday classes MWF | TTS 90 Days Offline
Crash Course 3 Hour 45 Days Offline
Fasttrack Course Full Day 30 Days Offline
Weekends Batch 4 Hour 45 Days Offline
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