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AC Repairing Course in Delhi

No one can deny the importance of home appliances like air conditioners in the current scenario. These have become a vital part of our modern life that helps us persist against the unbearable heat. When you use these appliances day & night, these may create malfunction and require repair and maintenance on time to prevent future issues. That's why AC is a repairing course in huge demand in the competitive industry as the best career opportunity.

Whether you want to commence your career as a lucrative job, or start your own business, an AC repairing course in Delhi can be a game-changing decision to secure a future without worrying about financial status. If you seek an AC technician course in Delhi, Nexcuit training Institute is one of the recommended options to meet your expectations.

Whether you have a technical background or not, our AC mechanic course is specially designed by our experts to understand how AC appliances work and how each part is related to each other. During the course, our skilled faculty will introduce you to repairing tools and equipment used to fix the issues.

Are you typing at the AC training centers near me on your small screen? You have landed in the right place. Nexcuit training institute is an emerging name as an AC repairing institute that can help you accomplish your career objectives beyond expectations. No doubt, the Ac technician course is a vital part of HVAC service that has huge demand throughout the world. Our course covers various things such as Basic concepts of the HVAC system, Knowledge about AC components and their working functions, Understanding of refrigeration cycle, Basic knowledge in the electrical field.

We understand everyone has unique catching power, and our expect faculty to focus individually on all the candidates that help them master in AC repairing courses. That's why our skilled faculty teaches according to students' level step by step. We aim to make our institute number one worldwide for the best AC repairing course at a reasonable fee.

Key features of our joining our AC repairing institute

  • Short-term 2 month course duration
  • Hands-on 100% practical knowledge
  • All candidates Work on live project
  • Job-oriented course
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge to understand the deep functioning of HVAC systems that facilitate the candidates in getting a lucrative job opportunity in AC repair and installation.
  • 100% placement guarantee
  • Selected study material that makes the straightforward learning process
  • Our course creates a roadmap to ensure the success of candidates in the most challenging industries.
  • Our modern lab is equipped with the latest devices that allow candidates to have a thorough hands-on experience through live projects & boost the confidence level that can help them to get the desired job in the competitive industry.
  • 100% students’ satisfaction
  • We brought the best faculty at our institute who have decades of experience in the HVAC industry and helped thousands of students to build their careers.
  • Hand-to-hand clear the doubt of candidates
  • Free demo class to understand the course curriculum
  • Our experts' faculty will regularly run all classes on time.
  • Government registered institute situated at the heart of Delhi
  • Well-defined course and fee structure that gives you a complete idea about our institute.
  • Affordable ac mechanic course fees
  • Affordable and reasonable course fee compared to other institutes, and everyone can afford it and pay in installments without hidden charges.
  • After completing your AC mechanic course from Nexcuit training institute, you will get your course certificate immediately, and help you during your placement.
  • Our AC repairing institute is well-connected via metro, bus stands, and railway stations that make easier your transportation from all nearby major cities.

Our AC Technician Course Modules


Module- Introduce the AC

  • Working principle of HVAC system
  • Understand the functioning and deep knowledge of AC components
  • Refrigerant distributes
  • Pressure drop-liquid lift
  • Pressure drops in temperature units

Module- Refrigerants and brines

  • Properties of refrigerants in Common use
  • Understanding of refrigerants impact our environment
  • Refrigerant blendss
  • Alternative refrigerants
  • Glycol

Module- Compressor

  • Different types of compressors
  • Compressor protective devices
  • Parallel operation of the compressors
  • Lubrication
  • Capacity control

Module- Properties of air

  • Moisture water vapor
  • Relative humidity
  • Absolute humidity
  • Dew point
  • Enthalpy of air

Module-Different types of tools and other measuring instruments

  • A/c tools
  • Thermometer
  • Pressure gauges
  • Electric meter
  • Instruments of airside measurements

Module- Refrigerant Piping

  • Pressure drop
  • Oil return
  • U-loop (or) trap
  • Suction line
  • Hot –gas line

Module- Installation and fired Practice

  • Flared joints
  • Soldered/brazed joints
  • Refrigerant piping
  • Water piping
  • Control and control circuit
  • Pressure testing
  • Common condenser drain for multiple ahu Erection

Module- Commissioning and evaluation of system performance

  • Test operation as commissioning
  • Performance of Plant
  • Designed conditions and details

Module- Several operations & Maintenance

  • Operating procedure
  • Starting and stopping sequence of Maintenance
  • Routine Maintenance
Module- Preventive Maintenance & Service
  • Anticipation of failure
  • Operating Plant at design Efficiency
Module- Troubleshooting
  • Tips for analyzing the system
  • Voltage Fluctuation
  • Low refrigerant Charge
  • Quality of oil and refrigerant
  • High discharge pressure
  • Filter drier cleaning procedure
  • Case studies
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Ac Repairing Course Duration
AC Repair Course Fee and Durartion
Course Tittle Timming Duration Course Mode
Regular Course 2 Hour 60 Days Online or Offline
Crash Course 4 Hour 30 Days Online or Offline
Fasttrack Course Full Day 7-10 Days Online or Offline
Weekends Batch 4 Hour 7 Weekends Online or Offline
Frequently Asked Questions

+ Does this Course provide the perfect career opportunity?

Of Course, our 2-month Course can help you get the career shape you deserve.

+ Where can I join an AC repairing course near me?

At Next Home Appliances, we feel proud to be a one-stop destination in Delhi to provide the best AC repairing Course at a reasonable fee.

+Is it the perfect decision to join an ac repairing Course near me?

Of Course, joining an AC repairing course can be a milestone for your career's path. With a 100% live practical & advanced level training curriculum; you can establish your career as a trained ac technician in the HVAC industry.

+Does an AC repair course online provide placement assistance?

When you join our Course, you will get a 100% job placement guarantee from our institute.

+How much do I need to pay for a mechanic course fee?

Our course fee is affordable and does not take any hidden charges. It is highly recommended to visit our institute to get the complete picture of the Course

+How much can I earn after completing the AC mechanic course?

You earn enough compared to other industries as well as it depends on your dedication and number of customers, location, and other factors.

+What is the mode of classes at AC repair training centers near me?

Whether you need to join our online or offline classes depends on what you prefer. Both modes can help you achieve your career goal

+Can I pay Ac repairing course fees in installment?

It is highly recommended to visit the institute to consult with our receptionist, who will guide you on this topic.

+ Do you organize a Demo class before joining the AC repairing course?

Yes, we provide

+Do you have an ac repairing institute branch in another city?

We don't have any other branch, but we will plan to open other branches in other major cities after getting popular year by year.

+Is it a certified AC repairing institute in Delhi?

Next Home Appliances is an ISO-certified institute that has been assisting students in the AC repairing industry for years

+What is the eligibility criterion for joining the AC repairing Course near me?

Anyone can join our air repairing Course even in high school or intermediate


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