What to do after completing ac technician course

What to do after completing AC technician course?

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Have you completed your AC technician course recently, and thinking about what to do next? Or do you want to look at the future of ac technicians? Then, you are on the right blog. AC technician is a lucrative career option.
AC technicians are persons who deal in cooling systems. Their repairing, maintenance, and installation are done by an AC mechanic or technician. In a technician course, a student also learns about ventilation, heating, and refrigeration systems.
After completing ac technician course, you can work in the private sector, or public sector or you can also become a self-employed person. You can choose according to your desires.

Things you can do after completing an ac technician course.
Opt for further studies
It might be possible that you have developed a keen interest in ac technicalities after doing a certification course, or you may simply feel the need to study further. There is a wide variety of ac technician courses from certification, to post-graduation.
Doing further studies depending on your existing status is a good option. If you have completed a certification course, then you can opt for a diploma course. Or, you can do a degree course, or you can also choose to have a mastery course.

The young generation is becoming passionate about their work. They take the career which they enjoy doing. If you are just starting in the field of ac technician, then the best course is to do a certification course or ac technician course. You will get to know about the work field. Furthermore, you will learn a skill from which you can earn money easily. Some people may find difficulty in earning money, but if the right career is chosen, then earning a good amount of money is not a big deal. You will get all these at a low cost. If you are looking for a certification course at affordable fees, then join Nexcuit. The best course is provided at an affordable fee, which you can pay in easy installments.

Doing apprenticeship or internship
Apprenticeship means working under a senior. After doing ac technician course in Delhi, the best option is to join an apprenticeship program. If you join a good institute like Nexcuit, then they can help you get an apprenticeship program. You will learn a lot of things. And the most important thing is that you will get practical exposure. No matter how well the course you have completed. You will not develop the expertise until you will practice it. Some apprenticeship programs may give you a stipend, while others may not. Don’t worry once you become an apprentice, you will easily get a good-paying job.
You can also do internships to get more learning about your work. You can do either of the two to get practical exposure. In a field where you need to work with the equipment, and tools getting an apprenticeship is better.

Get a job
After completing your apprenticeship or internship, the employer may appoint you as a full-time employee. If you want to work in a new place, then also you can do it. After getting the experience, and certificate of internship or apprenticeship you will easily get a job where you want to work. Jobs are available in the government sector as well as the private sector. You can apply for jobs according to your desires. Once you have acquired the skills, getting a good-paying job is not a big deal. Nexcuit also helps to get jobs, if you complete your ac technician course from us. It is a job which will keep you active. You don’t need to sit 6 to 8 hours in front of a computer.

After completing the ac technician course or ac mechanic course, you can also become self-employed. You don’t need to work under a boss to earn a living. As soon as you grow in your career, you can create a team of your own. It is recommended to enter into some apprenticeship program before opening your own business.Salary of an ac mechanic

It depends upon your qualifications, skills, and experience. As a beginner, you may be able to earn INR 20000 to 25000. After expanding your work your earnings will keep on increasing. Some AC mechanics even earn INR 300000 p.a.


After working as an AC technician, you may be promoted to become an AC retail manager or AC maintenance engineer. You can continue your studies as an engineer, to get more done in this field. There is a growth in AC mechanic jobs, and the growth rate will continue to rise further. So, the job prospects are high in AC mechanic jobs.

Roles and responsibilities of ac technician

  • The general role of an ac technician is to install, maintain, and repair air conditioners.
  • Troubleshooting various problems that occur in cooling systems of residential as well as commercial spaces.
  • They also help junior workers in learning and experiencing the work of an AC technician.
  • They also work on new AC systems.
  • They complete the given work according to the company’s prescribed rules, and regulations.
  • The technician may have to identify the defective part of the system. They are involved in finding the solution to the problems of a cooling system.
  • Ensuring that the HVAC system of the building runs smoothly.
  • They also need to provide support to the office in case of emergency, functions, or workshops.
  • Timely cleaning of internal parts of air conditioner like evaporator coil, condenser coil, air filter, etc.

Skills required for working as an AC technician

An employee should have excellent skills in problem-solving because ac mechanic is all about finding the solution to air conditioner defects.

An AC technician should be active, so that he can easily climb, bend, kneel, push or pull objects, etc.

A person should also be capable of adjusting their working time. Sometimes, they may need to work extra if the client wants his service urgently.

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If you are planning to do an ac mechanic course, then go ahead. If you are thinking about what to do next after becoming AC technician in Delhi then reading this article carefully will solve all your doubts. If you are confused about which institute you should join for the ac repairing course in Delhi, then you should check the website of the institutes. One of the best institutes offering the ac technician course in Delhi is Nexcuit.

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