Inverter AC and Non-Inverter AC

Difference Between Inverter AC and Non-Inverter AC

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The demand for air conditioners is increasing. People now prefer to have at least one air conditioner installed in their house. In commercial spaces, people usually prefer to install split air conditioners. If you are thinking to buy an air conditioner, then it’s important to know about inverter AC and non-inverter AC. If you want to know about this latest technology and the difference between inverter and non-inverter ac, then keep reading this article. 

Air conditioners work on the refrigeration cycle. It uses refrigerant to provide cool air to the user. It takes warm air from the inside room, cools it through an evaporator then throws this cool air into the room. A compressor is used to compress refrigerant which helps in cooling air. 

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Difference between inverter and non-inverter AC


The foremost important thing is to look at the cost. No matter how good the AC is. If it’s not in your budget. Non-inverter ACs cost less than inverter ACs. It’s the comfort and experience they provide that makes inverter ACs expensive. You can try buying an air conditioner before summer; it may help you in getting discounts and other offers. Manufacturers use such types of techniques during the off-season to boost their sales. 


Inverter ACs use less electricity as compared to non-inverter ACs. If you want to save on power bills, then go for an inverter AC. Many brands in the market provide good quality inverter ACs in the budget like Voltas, Blue star, Carrier, LG, Godrej, Samsung, etc. 

What to do if you are confused to buy between inverter and non-inverter AC depending on cost?

If you plan to use your AC only for a few months, then you can go for a non-inverter AC. If you use your air conditioner frequently, then opt for inverter AC. This will help you a lot in saving on power bills. The initial cost will get managed later. 

Repairing cost

The technology of inverter ACs is complex as compared to non-inverter ACs. Therefore, it requires Trained AC professionals to repair an air conditioner. This increases repairing costs. Non-inverter ACs cost slightly less when it comes to repair costs. Maintenance and servicing in both the AC are crucial. Having a yearly servicing helps in maintaining the efficiency of both types of air conditioners. 


Inverter ACs use inverter technology. It is a device that regulates the speed of the compressor. In other words, we can say it uses a variable speed compressor motor. When Thermostat reaches the desired temperature set in the AC, the air conditioner does not turn off. The speed of the compressor and refrigerant flow is adjusted by the compressor motor according to the outside demand. It continues to work at a low speed. It is done by adjusting the power supply. Inverter technology converts AC into DC and vice-versa. 

Non-inverter technology works oppositely. It uses a fixed-speed compressor motor and either works at full speed or gets turned off. It cannot work at variable speed as seen in inverter AC.  Frequent on-off causes the air conditioner to use more power. Hence, increases electricity bills. When the thermostat reaches the desired temperature set in the AC, the compressor and fan turn off. When the outside temperature increases, then it restarts. 


Inverter AC provides smooth operation. Non–inverter ACs frequently go on and off which creates more noise. People who want a completely noise-free environment do not like this type of air conditioner. 


The life of inverter ACs is slightly more as compared to non-inverter ACs. 


Inverter AC is more efficient compared to non-inverter ACs. Inverter ACs can cool more uniformly within a short time. Their working capacity is also good. 

Are you facing an issue of uneven cooling in your room? 

If you are not getting even cooling in your room, then consider replacing it with an inverter air conditioner. Some rooms get more heat or direct sunlight. It makes it difficult for non-inverter ACs to deliver uniform cooling. An energy-efficient inverter air conditioner can solve your issue. 


The key differences between inverter AC and non-inverter AC are given in this blog post. It will help you in making a good buying decision. Remember to read these points carefully before buying one. Both air conditioners are good while coming to provide cooling. Inverter technology is good as compared to non-inverter AC. They provide smooth operation and efficient cooling. Many brands are providing inverter ACs. Competition has increased. Therefore, it is easier to get an air conditioner within your budget. If you use your air conditioner all-round year, then you should buy inverter ACs. Because non-inverter ACs consume a lot of power.

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