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Signs That Indicate You Need Geyser Repair Service

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Geyser Repair Service in Delhi: If you are looking for geyser service charges in Delhi, then you are on the right page. Nexcuit is a geyser repairing company in India. If you want to service or repair your geyser, then you can contact Nexcuit. It is the best geyser repair company in Delhi

They repair and service geysers of all types and brands. Whether you use gas geysers or electric geysers, they will repair it in the best way possible.  

Geysers are a blessing in winters. Some people also use geysers in the summers. Hot water has numerous benefits. It also helps in saving time. They consume less electricity. The hot water is also stored for a long time. There are kitchen geysers as well as bathroom geysers. Warm water washes clothes and utensils better than cold water. Solar and portable geysers are also getting popular these days. 

A geyser is an electrical appliance. There are gas geysers as well as electric geysers. Every machinery requires servicing and repairing to work properly. If they are not given attention, then their performance reduces, and sometimes they completely stop working. 

Geysers should get servicing every year. Timely servicing increases the lifespan of the geyser. It also improves its efficiency. It also saves the user from unwanted issues. Imagine, you are just getting ready to get a hot water shower in winter, and suddenly your geyser stops working. It will disturb your whole day. Just having timely servicing, once a year will prevent any such problems. 

Timely servicing also means less cost. If small issues are not repaired on time, they give rise to big problems, which means heavy costs. Sometimes, you also need to replace it, if the issue can’t be resolved by repairing it. 

Signs that indicate your geyser needs servicing

  1. Rusty Water

If you are receiving rusty water, then it is an indication that your geyser requires servicing or repairing. Metal is present in geysers, when the metal present in it rusts with time, the consumer starts to get rusty water. The colour of the water gets changed. It is a great issue for the users. 

Sometimes the anode rod present in the geyser may need replacement. It is designed to attract corrosive elements present in water. If your geyser is getting corroding from inside then the anode rod present in it may need replacement.  

  1. Leakage issues

Leakage issues cause many problems to consumers. With time the metal expands because of hot water. As its use increases, it continues to crack. It generates pressure which is responsible for cracks causing leakage issues. 

Sometimes damage to pipes or loose joints also results in water leakage from the geyser. If your geyser is rusted on a large scale, then it will also lead to leakage. You can call the geyser repair service in Delhi to use your geyser without any issues. 

  1. Malfunctioning of thermostat

If your thermostat is not working properly, then it needs attention. If the temperature of a geyser is not controlled, then you can imagine the worries you will get because of not getting water according to your preference. You also need to ensure safety, so it is important to replace your thermostat or repair it. 

  1. Not getting hot water

You may not be receiving hot water, or your geyser may be taking a longer time than usual to heat the water. It means the efficiency of your geyser has decreased. The reason for the inefficiency of your geyser may be the malfunctioning of your geyser or heating element. The build-up of sediment in the heating element is another reason for not getting hot water. It also increases the electricity bill, as the geyser needs to work hard in the process. A geyser is used for getting hot water, and if you are not receiving it, then it needs urgent attention. Don’t worry, Nexcuit technicians will repair it urgently. 

  1. Noise

If unusual noises are coming from your geyser, then it’s another indicator that your geyser needs servicing. Sound from the geyser may come because of the buildup of sediment on the heating element. It’s important to avoid sediment buildup in the tank and heating element. Regular servicing helps in avoiding it all.  

  1. Overheating

It is a dangerous situation for any consumer. As too much hot water may cause burns. A faulty thermostat may be the reason for it. 


Do get regular servicing to avoid the build-up of sediment that can prevent many problems in your geyser. Any failure in the appliance is expensive as compared to repairing. Servicing your geyser will help you in saving costs, and will increase efficiency also. 

Nexcuit services and repairs geysers at an affordable cost. Servicing is also provided on the same day, so the consumer doesn’t have to face any issues. 

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