Hindware geyser 25 ltr

Hindware Geyser 25 LTR Price

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Imagine it’s chilly outside on a winter morning. You are tucked inside your blanket and you don’t feel like getting out of it. The only motivation to get out of the blanket is a hot water bath. Gone are those days when we used to boil the water required for bathing on a pot. Such practices are obsolete now. Every household has a geyser or a water heater in their bathroom. We all know that all the appliances such as a refrigerator, geyser, and air conditioner all play an important part in our lives. They have become an inevitable part of our lives. 

Many companies claim that they have the best service. But only some companies sell appliances that are affordable for people from all walks of life. Hindware is a company that employs superior reinforced insulation. It retains 80% of the heat for longer durations. This unique feature makes hindware geysers 20% more efficient than the geysers from other companies. One never has to compromise on the aesthetics and performance as we offer different types of geysers.

Importance of a water heater

        Just like a geyser, a storage water heater utilizes a tank to store hot water for prolonged durations. The mechanism of a storage water heater is such that the cold water enters the tank from the bottom and it is heated inside the tank. Then the water is heated to the desired temperature and one can turn on the tap and utilize the hot water for their daily needs. Sometimes, the hot water remains in the tank. One can retain the water temperature for a longer period by equipping various insulation coatings and walls. 

Following are some of the types of geysers that are always in demand:-

Hindware geyser 25 ltr

The hindware geyser 25 ltr is equipped with class 1 working pressure for withstanding the high pressure of 6.5 bar. This pressure makes it a perfect choice for multi-story buildings. It has a copper heating element that has a superb ability to transfer heat from electricity to water. The tank is made up of high-quality stainless steel. The thermostat measures the accurate temperature of hot water. It is powered by Intelli 5 and reduces the running expense. The Hindware Atlantic ACERO NEO is more efficient than most water heaters out there and the price of Hindware geyser 25 ltr is also very affordable.

Specifications Hindware geyser 25 ltr

  • Product Dimensions – 56*38*38 cm.
  • Item model number- Acero.
  • Item weight – 9 kg.
  • Manufacturer – Smart Enterprises.

Benefits hindware geyser 25 ltr

  1. It contains an immersed thermostat and measures the accurate temperature of the hot water.
  2. The heating element is made up of copper and has a superb ability to transfer heat from electricity to water.
  3. Copper is a good conductor of electricity. The hindware 25 litre geyser price is set according to the market standards. This geyser is in demand due to its affordable price.

Hindware Atlantic Water Heater 25 ltr Price

The Hindware Atlantic water heater 25 ltr is available in poder coated metal body. This is the Elicio Model that comes with a Glassline coated tank. This tank increases its life and heating element. It comes with a comprehensive warranty of 2 years, 3 years of heating element warranty, and 7 years on tank warranty.

The components are one water geyser, one instruction manual, and one multifunctional valve. One needs water in varying capacities and this innovative water heater offers people the perfect solution for their heating requirements.

   Hindware Atlantic Water Heater 25 ltr price

Specifications Hindware Atlantic Water Heater 25 ltr

  • Product Dimensions – 37.5*36*55 cm.
  • Manufacturer – Hindware Atlantic.
  • Item Model Number – Elicio 25L.
  • Item Weight – 14 kg 800 g.
  • Country of origin – India.

Benefits Hindware Atlantic Water Heater 25 ltr

  • This geyser comes with an extended warranty. It has 2 years of comprehensive warranty, 3 years on Heating Element, 7 years on tank.
  • The geyser is enamel coated so it protects itself from rusting and hard water.
  • It maintains proper temperature and heating speed.
  • It comes with a coating of supreme polymer.
  • The three-level protection provides effective water heating.
  • One can enjoy sufficient hot water throughout the day due to the high tank capacity.
  • Just like hindware Atlantic Water heater, a Hindware Atlantic Geyser 25 ltr is also available.

Hindware geyser 25 ltr (5 star)

The working pressure of this geyser is Class-1 working pressure and it is built to withstand the pressure of 0.80 MPa. Therefore, this geyser qualifies as a perfect choice for high-rise buildings. It is equipped with superior safety to provide complete protection against water splashes and pressure build-up. This geyser has various superior technologies for maintaining its functionality of the geyser. It comes with rapid heating specifications. The price of hindware 5 stars 25 ltr geyser is finalized by taking into consideration the economic situation of all the classes

Specifications Hindware geyser 25 ltr (5 star)

  • Product Dimensions – 63*37*37 cm.
  • Manufacturer – Smart Enterprises.
  • Item Weight – 12 kg.
  • Components included – 1 water heater and user manual.

Benefits Specifications Hindware geyser 25 ltr (5 star)

  • It has I-thermostat technology that provides effective heating and auto cut-off features.
  • It also has a temperature control knob that enables one to set the temperature of the water from the outlet itself.
  • The construction of this geyser is robust to protect it from corrosion.

Hindware Atlantic Xceed 25Ltr 5-star water heater Price

Whenever we decide to buy a geyser, we take into consideration the capacity of water we would require depending on the number of people living in our household. This Hindware Atlantic Xceed 10L water heater is a geyser that is suitable for fewer people as it has a capacity of 10L. The other features resemble the Hindware 25 ltr geyser such as class-1 working pressure and high pressure of 0.80 MPa. The safety feature is such that it provides complete protection against water splashes. If you want a water heater of a greater capacity, you can also buy the hindware water heater 25 ltr.

Hindware Atlantic Xceed 25Ltr 5-star water heater price

Specifications Hindware Atlantic Xceed 25Ltr 5-star water heater

  • Product Dimensions – 33*35*45.5 cm.
  • Manufacturer – Smart Enterprises.
  • Item Weight – 7 kg 200g.
  • Packer – Hintastica Private Limited.

Benefits Hindware Atlantic Xceed 25Ltr 5-star water heater

  • It has a based heating solution company.
  • Leverage manufacturing and technology expertise from some of the leading companies in the world.
  • The geyser’s capillary thermometer, thermal cut-off, and multifunctional valves offer accurate safety.
  • Maintains sustainability.
  • Rapid water heating feature.
  • Avoids water heater rusting.
  • Maintains heating speed along with the exact temperature.

Hindware Cristallo 25 ltr Price

The HindwareCristallo 25 ltr geyser has a glass line coated tank and a copper sheathed heating element. The geyser is the most used appliance in our house and is used for showering to hand-washing and laundry in our house. If you want to reduce your energy bills, the best geyser to look out for is the HindwareCristallo 25 ltr.

Sediments are built at the bottom of the water tanker. These sediments are built over some time and when this happens it makes it harder for the heat to transfer from the water heater’s burner to the water inside the tank. This causes your water to consume more energy as sometimes it flows back. However, the technology used in this geyser is such that the sediments are not accumulated, so in turn, the energy is also saved.

The price of the hindware geyser 25 ltrCristallo is such that people from all walks of life can afford it.

Hindware Cristallo 25 ltr Price

Specifications Hindware Cristallo 25 ltr

  • Brand – Hindware.
  • Item Dimensions – 40*45*30 cm.
  • Maximum operating pressure – 8 bars.
  • Capacity- 25 litres.

Benefits Hindware Cristallo 25 ltr

  • It ensures sustainability.
  • Provides hot water free from all the hard water residues.
  • Maintains heating speed along with the exact temperature.
  • Protects the tank from rusting.
  • One can make use of hot water from hard water residues.

Hindware electric geyser 25 ltr

The price of Hindware Electric geyser 25 ltr is set according to the market standards and its indelible features make it a wise choice. It is the most popular brand among people and it provides several benefits that are useful for people. The geysers adopt new technologies that make you amazed and awestruck. The geysers come in various shapes and sizes and a very compact. They are available in online and offline markets. Your winters are set to go smoothly without any trouble. 

The electric geyser is an obvious choice of people nowadays as most of the electric geysers today are eco-friendly. The working mechanism of the geyser is not sophisticated. It consists of two pipes, one for the inlet and one for the outlet. The first one is for the inlet of cold water and the second one is for the outlet of hot water. The tank of the water is fitted with heating elements. These heating elements are controlled by the thermostat. The thermostat is to ensure that the water is not heated above a set temperature 

Specifications Hindware electric geyser 25 ltr

  • Product Dimensions – 54.4*41.4*42 cm.
  • Manufacturer – HSIL Limited.
  • Item model number – ERYNE 25L.
  • Item weight – 17 kg 300 g.
  • Included Components- Light Kit.

Benefits Hindware electric geyser 25 ltr

  • Titanium core shield.
  • Superior safety.
  • Reinforced Insulation.
  • O’Pro protection.
  • Optimized water inlet diffuser.

Hindware 25 ltr storage water geyser Price

       The Hindware 25 l storage water geyser is one of a kind. It has several functions such as the sterilization function set at 80 degrees to ensure a safe and hygienic experience. It also consists of an SS316 heating element for faster heating of the water. The ECO function is for saving electricity and efficient utilization of the resources. You might have stumbled upon the term ‘Whirl Flow technology’. It is the technology that is used for faster heating and maximum energy saving. The rated water pressure is 8 bar and the voltage is 230 V, 50 Hz.

It is also equipped with the program memory function that preserves the last setting in case of an abrupt power off. It comes with a BEE 5 star rating and a warranty of 8 years on the tank, 3 years on the element, and 2 years on the product.

The installation kit is included in the packaging only.

Hindware 25 ltr storage water geyser Price

Specifications Hindware 25 ltr storage water geyser

  • Product dimensions- 38.9*38.9*58.5 cm.
  • Manufacturer – USHA International Ltd.
  • Item weight – 13 kg, 100 g.
  • Components included – 1 unit product, an Instruction manual, and a warranty card.
  • Country of origin – India.
  • Generic name – SWH AQUA TIDE 25L WHITE

Benefits Hindware 25 ltr storage water geyser

  • It provides hot water throughout the day free from hard water residues.
  • The capacity of the tank is also very high.
  • The backflow of the water is avoided.
  • Maintains sustainability.
  • It is available in all shapes and sizes.
  • It protects the tank from rusting.
  • It maintains the heating speed along with the exact temperature.

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Choosing the type of geyser depends upon you. We have a range of exquisitely designed geysers that come in all shapes and sizes. The geysers are custom-made for your bathroom. The subtle tone and the compact design of the geyser blend in perfectly with the bathroom. We all know how important it is to see that the appliances complement the bathroom space. You can also choose from a range of vertically mounted geysers or horizontally mounted geysers according to your need. The kitchen is such that it does not require geysers of large capacity as the purpose of the geyser is only restricted to washing utensils with hot water. So, people mostly buy small and sleek geysers for kitchen purposes and buy geysers with large capacity for bathroom purposes. The amount of people living in the house decides the required capacity of the geyser. We have adopted only the latest technologies to give you the experience of a lifetime. You can buy the geysers offline as well as online. Some many retail outlets and showrooms have many Hindware geysers spanning across the entire country. You can avail one now! 

There is a replacement policy for every product. Each product comes with a warranty and the installation kit comes with the geyser. The geyser comes in units. There are 3-4 units of one geyser. These units also have a user-friendly instruction manual. However, if you want to avail the service from the company then a service person is sent to your house for putting up the geyser.

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