LED TV repair service in Delhi

Why do you need a professional LED TV repair service?

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LED TV repair service: Televisions have become an important part of life. They are a source of entertainment as well as Education. No matter how busy we are, we always find some time to watch tv for entertainment. The importance of televisions increased during covid times. Some students also watch television channels like discovery and history for learning something new.

The look of TV has changed, but the love for them is still the same. It’s also a get-together time for some families.

The lifespan of a TV depends on the manufacturer and the type of TV. Some people think if there is any fault, then it can’t be repaired, but it’s not true. You need a professional LED TV repair service in Delhi to repair it. In some cases, there may be a need to replace it. You should contact a TV repair technician before doing anything. Some people also try to repair the TV themselves. Television is not a toy. Training and education is needed to repair the fault. So, contact a professional LED TV repair service to repair your television.

There are different kinds of television like:

  • CRT TV
  • LCD TV
  • LED TV
  • Plasma TV
  • Smart TV

The type of television determines the repairing and installation cost. If the model is old, then it’s difficult to repair because of the poor availability of parts. It makes the repair cost high. Example CRT TVs have become old. Therefore, it is difficult to find their parts and repair them.

What are common issues in television?

Sound fault, black screen, TV not turning on, or continuously going on and off are some of the common issues faced by television. Some common issues of television are described below:

Horizontal lines

Sometimes horizontal or vertical lines appear on the screen after turning it on. These generally show up for 20 minutes. It may be because of the failure of the logic board or any other component but sometimes it is because of a low input signal from the set-top box cable. LED TVs require a high signal. If you connect the set-top box to an old TV then this problem will not occur. So, you need to check the source of the problem. Don’t worry, just call a TV repair technician to diagnose the issue.

Blank screen

Sometimes the screen of the TV goes blank. This problem occurs due to the failure of capacitors. A fault in the power supply may also be the reason for it.

Backlight problem

When there is a problem with the backlight, then no picture appears, and the TV gets shut down. Repairing the backlight is quite expensive. Sometimes it’s recommended to buy a new TV if the repair cost is too high. You can contact a TV repair technician to find out if it can be repaired within budget, or if you need to replace your television.

No sound

It is one of the most common issues. No sound output comes from speakers. The issue can be in television, cable or built-in speakers. If the sound is not coming, then television is of no use. You need to immediately repair it.

Cracked LED TV screen

If your LED TV screen is broken, then you need to replace the display panel. This is a costly issue. Modern LED TVs which are attached to walls have a higher chance of falling. This leads to cracks in the screen. Sometimes spots, small dots, or lines appear on the screen. In such cases, you can contact your TV manufacturer and claim a warranty. If the warranty is not applicable because of some reason, then don’t worry. You can contact a qualified and trained TV repair professional for repairing or replacing your display panel. The cost of repairing the display screen depends on the TV because the charges for LCD TV, LED TV, plasma TV, and CRT TV are different.

TV not turning on or switching off automatically.

Sometimes TV doesn’t turn on, or in many cases, it gets automatically off. This kind of situation arises because of the failure of the Mainboard, or PSU. It needs to be repaired or replaced. Failure of the HDMI port or circuit board may also be the reason behind it.

Freezing picture

Faults in the main board cause problems like freezing pictures.

Why do you need a professional LED TV repair service?

Television is a machine. A Person needs to be skilled to get it repaired. Some people may think that they can repair TV  by watching youtube videos, but they may end up creating more issues. It’s important to contact a technician who is familiar with its functioning and has work experience. If you are thinking that, why do you need a professional LED TV repair service? Then, here is the answer to your question.


There are many components involved in the functioning of television. A professional TV technician has all the knowledge of its functioning and experience to repair faulty TVs. It’s important to have the required knowledge and skill for proper diagnostics. It means finding out the issue and repairing it. TV technicians can easily find which part needs replacement. A non-skilled person will face a lot of difficulties even in finding the issue.


Do you want to repair your TV every 2 months? If the answer is no, then contact a trained professional. If a non-skilled person will repair the TV, then there is a high probability that he will make a mistake. Any mistake means your TV will not work properly and may stop at any time. A skilled person will repair it properly without any mistakes. So, your TV will work properly without any issues.


A non-trained person will take a lot of time to understand the issue. He will first have to watch youtube videos or understand its functioning. Repairing will also take a lot of time. On the other hand, a trained professional can perform all the tasks efficiently in a very less amount of time. He can easily find the issue and repair it. The time that repairing takes depends on the fault. If the fault is minor, then it will not take much time. If the issue is large like a broken screen, blank screen, or backlight problem, then it will take more time.


Original parts of TV are expensive. Don’t use third-party components for the sake of saving money. These parts have no guarantee and may stop anytime. If you will buy a single part, then it will be too expensive for you to buy. TV repair professionals buy these parts in bulk, so it costs them low. Therefore, they can provide the part at a less rate. There is also a guarantee of these parts.


If you will contact a good working professional, then there is a guarantee of their work. A quack technician will not offer a guarantee. It may lead to wastage of your time as well as money.

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If you need the best quality LED TV repair service in Laxmi Nagar Delhi, then contact Nexcuit. We provide the best repair service. You will get the work on time, and the pricing for our services is also decent. If you’re facing any issues with your TV like image issues, low picture quality, sound issues, dead pixels, power issues, or faulty screen, then feel free to contact Nexcuit anytime. TV installation, repairing, servicing, and maintaining services are provided. Make your LED TV work smoothly, and enjoy your get-together time.

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