AC Repair Certification

How to Become A Certified AC Repair Technician?

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AC technicians and engineers are in high demand in our country, especially in the summer season. If you are looking for a certification course in AC repair then you have come to the right place. An AC Certified technician is responsible for AC installing, repairing, maintaining heat and ventilation, air conditioning, etc. in both residential and commercial areas.

People interested in this area must acquire certification as per customers’ requirements for their AC repair services.

Even though it is not mandatory that AC technicians must be certified but the technician can definitely enhance their skillset while showing credentials and competency to prospective customers and employees.

Benefits of Being A Certified AC Technician

There are plenty of benefits when you are a certified AC technician. The benefits of being a certified AC technician can be listed below.

  • Sound Understanding of Basic Fundamentals of AC repair and its maintenance.
  • Developing vast skills in heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation etc.
  • Able to analyze its air quality while keeping a watch on humidity levels.
  • Able to understand temperature controlling mechanism.
  • Able to compete with other AC technicians in the market.
  • Can increase earning potential. Certified AC technician earns more remuneration in comparison to their non-certified competitors.

Detailed Explanation of AC Certification Process

High School Diploma

The first step you should do is to get a high school diploma if you want to learn about Air Conditioner (AC) repairing and want to become an AC technician.

AC Repair Training

You can further enhance your AC repair knowledge so it becomes important that you must develop a solid base by acquiring AC repair-related subjects in practical classroom training. You can acquire a certificate from a technical institute, community college, or vocational college.

AC Repair Internship

You can join as an intern with any good AC repairing company and pursue your internship. This will help you in getting practical experience in AC repairing. You can do this AC repairing internship for a minimum of 6 to 12 months.

This all will enhance your AC repairing skills and would definitely be a profitable journey as an AC repairing technician.

Types of AC Certifications

Type 1 Certification – This certification is only for Small Appliances (air conditioners, refrigerators, vending machines)

Type 2 Certification – This Certification is for Low-Pressure Appliances (Chillers etc.)

Type 3 Certification – This is for High-Pressure Appliances (Residential Air Conditioners, Refrigeration units, Heat Pumps)

Type 4 Certification – This is a Universal Certification for All Appliances and types of equipment mentioned above.

Topics Covered in Certification Courses

Below are some of the topics that are covered in an AC technician course.

  • Installation tests
  • Servicing Different Parts of the Device or Appliance
  • Specialty Parts
  • Refrigerators
  • Core Units

Is it necessary to become a Certified AC technician?

It totally depends on state to state whether you must be a certified technician or not. Some states and cities make it mandatory that you must be a certified technician while others allow AC technicians who are not even certified but should have the practical knowledge to fix AC devices and other appliances.

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